The new Balkan route

It is from the end of winter of this year that real swarms of people are coming, now they are more than 3000. Most of these migrants are young men, and it is just talking with some of them that we had confirmation of the very hard journeys they have done to get to the gates of Europe. Naturally they all takes place clandestinely, without identity cards, or passports, or visa, so without any paper in order. Where does this new migration come from? The route used in these months is the one shown in the image; it touches Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia, from here the migrants try to cross Croatia and Slovenia aiming to central Europe, in particular towards Italy, Austria and Germany, the most desired destinations by the people which we have interacted. These are mainly people from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and in a lesser number from Syria. But among them there are also small numbers of people coming from North Africa who try to get around the European borders, passing from Turkey and joining the refugees. 

There is, however, also an air route, created after the agreement between Serbia and Iran in 2017 in which the tourist visas between the two countries were liberalized. Many Iranians are looking for a better prospect of life, at the end of the Serbian visa they did not return home but tried to reach Europe through Bosnia. 

So now we have a town of about 30000 habitants in which they find shelter about 3000 people, who are constantly increasing, besides none of them wants to stay here. Bihać is only a launching platform that everyone is exploiting and ruining without caring, these are the words of many of them, who do not help with cleaning in the camp or do not cooperate, because they do not want to stay here a lot. However, crossing the border with Croatia is very difficult, which is why more and more people are massing here in Bihać trying and trying again to make “The game”, or the border crossing. It is a journey to Central Europe that passes between the various borders in the middle of the woods and forests, can last 10 or 15 days for the lucky ones or last very little before being discovered by the police who at best sends them back where they came from, and in the worst they beat them up and then deprived them of mobile phones so they could not document what happened.

The town of Bihać is not ready to handle these continuous increases in people, especially thinking that winter is coming and temperatures will soon become uninhabitable.